Honeycomb honey in a gift box

Honeycomb honey has been known since ancient Egypt.

It was highly appreciated and it was the subject of tribute, gifts, a subject of trade. The fact is that it contains wax, propolis, pollen and honey. Together, these components have created an amazing healing and natural strength.

Wax (vitamin A) in honeycomb is always fresh. When using honeycomb, a small amount of wax is certainly used. It is like a soft brush, cleans up the deposits of destructive bacteria from the gums and tooth enamel, and propolis contained in the wax and on the cell walls destroys  bacteria that destroy the body.

Pollen in honey has a rejuvenating effect, normalizes the function of the thyroid gland; increases resistance to infections, immunity; improves the mental state of the body; effective in treating depression; restores strength and stimulates mental activity.

Propolis also contained in honey honey has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, healing, bactericidal, antifungal properties; normalizes intestinal activity, prevents the development of caries, improves immunity, positively affects the cardiovascular system, treats stomach ulcers, helps with female diseases and much more.

With prolonged chewing of honeycombs from wax, propolis, pollen, honey, substances (volatile) are released, which have both preventive and therapeutic effects on various human organs. They enrich body  with vitamins, amino acids, proteins and all the necessary enzymes. It is a natural source of vitamins and minerals.

And this is not a complete list of all the useful properties of cell honey.

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