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«Dary Tyan-Shanya» Ltd. was founded in 2010 and today is the largest company in the sphere of production  of high quality natural kyrgyz honey  and  bee products in Kyrgyz Republic.

“Dary Tyan - Shanya” Ltd  works in retail, wholesale and export. As of the end of 2018 it exported to 30  countries of the world.

Mission of the company: "Provide population of the world with beneficial to human’s health products.

“Dary Tyan-Shanya” Ltd  is the exclusive and the only distributor of the public association - “Kyrgyz Union of Beekeepers” - the largest association of beekeepers  in Kyrgyz Republic. It is also a member of the largest International Beekeeping Federation – “Apimondia”.

As for today, the products of the company "Dary Tyan-Shanya" had won more than 43 international awards in the field of beekeeping and product quality.

(* Attention, all awards and certificates are registered and cannot be used by third parties without the official permission of the company).

The company has its own apiaries located throughout the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic and the largest factory in the sphere of beekeeping in Kyrgyz Repiblic, where the best equipment is installed and strict quality technology control is conducted.

Over the last of several years, “Dary Tyan Shanya” Ltd, with confident pace, is winning more consumers and opening up new international sales markets.          


EXPORT DESTINATIONS  of our kyrgyz honey   

  • 1.   Russia
    2.   Kazakhstan
    3.   Uzbekistan
    4.   Mongolia
    5.   China
    6.   South Korea
    7.   Japan
    8.   Hong Kong
    9.   France
    10. Finland
    11. Germany
    12. Poland
    13. India
    14. UAE
    15. Saudi Arabia
    16. Kuwait
    17. Qatar
    18. Iraq
    19. Afghanistan
    20. Jordan
    21. USA
    22. Azerbaijan
    23. Pakistan
    24. Malaysia
    25. Iran
    26. United Kingdom
    27. Israel
    28. Belgium
    29. Spain
    30. Bahrain






















For your convenience, we have an online store with delivery to your home or office.

In our online store you can buy high-quality and natural beekeeping products:

  • natural honey in a wide assortment,
  • bee bread
  • pollen
  • royal jelly
  • propolis 
  • beeswax,
  • honey mix
  • propolis water
  • honey gift sets 
  • and much more useful for you and your family.

Delivery to anywhere in the world


           Whats App: +996 (999)800 000


Enjoy your shopping ...
We wish you health, youth and beauty!




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